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Check out there debt CD today

The new CD '"What If" to be released on June 29/04

Emerson Drive
Emerson Drive 2002

The Emerson Drive self titled CD is in stores now and features these great songs:

1. Fall Into Me

2. Evidence

3. Passionte Desperate Love

4. Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You.)

5. Say My Name

6. I Should Be Sleeping

7. Light Of Day

8. Looking Over My Shoulder

9. I See Heaven

10. How Lucky I am

11. Hollywood Kiss

12. It's All About You.

I love the moment when the whole band comes in on "Thunder Road" and the wails at the end of "Jungleland." "She's the One" is the weakest song.

Favorite Song

In this area, I'll talk about my favorite song by this band, including what I think the song means and why it's so important to me.