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Emerson Drive ~ July 3,03 ~Cook County Saloon~


Joanne and I met up around 7:30 and went over to where the bus was hoping maybe the guys were around, But didnt see the guys so after a bit we went inside the bar. We found Lynn who had come from CT for the show. HEY LYNN!! We sat with her and her friends for a bit when we happen to see Ryann a DJ from CISN who we have talked on occasion, wow, hes much cuter in person let me tell you.

  Around 9:30 we headed on to the dance floor and staked out spots in the front of the stage for the show and soon a bunch of other people followed us. Shortly after 10:00 the show started!!!  The Morning Crew from CISN came on to introduce the guys   they began with Hollywood Kiss The energy they had was unreal! They had the crowd in it from the start, next up was Looking Over My Shoulder, Fall Into Me. After a few other songs we got to hear a song from the new cd due out early next year.. Coming Home is an awesome song!!!  I hope its a single !!     When the guys sang Only God we had to make good on our promise to Heather to cheer for the Colorado part, which we did!!!!! :*P. The guys also seemed to love their pictures being I got 2 of Danick where he is looking right at me with a big ole smile ~*Drool~* and one of Dale making a goofy face at me..One of the cool parts was when brad took a little break and it gave the guys a chance to play a bit. David and Pat played a bit while the others kinda just watched and they got the crowd really going !!! Eventually the other guys joined in and it was very cool to hear them playing minus Brads Vocals. Brad soon joined them back onstage again and they kicked right back into the show. One of my favorite songs they do is a cover of Devil Went Down To Georgia", The amount of energy the guys have in this song is unreal and its usually towards the end of the show to!! If you ask me you havent see the whole Emerson Drive concert  ~ Till you see them sing this one!!! They soon Kicked into there Encores I Should Be Sleeping Then came out once again and sang, Fall Into Me again!! Which I didnt mind its my favorite song.. After shakeing hands with the fans at the end of the stage the guys headed off the stage and then did the meet n greet.. we got ready to head for the meet n greet I got the guys to sign my autograph book plus I also had a picture for Danick to sign, I had also made the guys Nanmio bars and I gave them to Pat, which could have been a bad thing considering how much he loves Chocolate..(Pat did you share????J ) After that we kinda hung around and then had the chance to talk to Brad again but not for long because they were going to Grand Prairie that night..


Thanks again Guys for a GREAT SHOW!!!!!


Grey Cup November 24/02 Edmonton AB

(Grey Cup is Canada's version of Super Bowl and the guys were asked to play at the Pregame show)

Well Now I think I may have thawed out enough to type this now.LOL  Joanne and I decided to go down to the stadium for the chance we may see the guys arrive or something.  We arrived around 1pm not really knowing where to go or anything. We headed over to the ramp/loading area thinking this may be the best area to see the guys.  There was a flurry of activity going but no sign of the guys..  Every time we saw a rental van come down the ramp we were hoping it was the guys.

 Finally after about an hour of being in the cold I heard somebody playing drums and to me it sounded like the drum beat to I Should Be Sleeping I ask Joanne because maybe I am so cold I am hearing things. LOL, But She hears it to! We keep listening, the guys were doing a  sound check. A bit later on we look down and see the guys coming off the field so we yell at Brad and he just looks up and waves at us SOO close but so far! Dang. Then like 5 minutes later I turn around to see Pat B, Danick walking and realize they are all walking their, so we quickly follow them chatted for a second to find out they were doing an interview with A- Channel and then after we could get some pictures with the guys. Meanwhile we had asked the chick from A-Channel when this interview was going to be on and she said tonight I wasnt sure if I be home but she said at 6 & 11pm so we were safe.

 The Guys then came back out for the interview they all had on Football Jerseys which was cool Pat A and Pat B had on Grey Cup 02 ones Chris, Brad and Mike had Edmonton Eskimos and Danick was the lone one in a Montreal Alouettes jersey. As they were doing the interview we talked with Gerry he asked us if we were going to be going to the game and we said nope he reaches in to his jacket pulls out some tickets and hands us each a ticket! OMG!! Shocked we thank him for the ticket and now we were going to see the guys play rather than be on the outside straining to hear them. (Another BIG THANK YOU GERRY)  The guys finished the interview with A Channel and came back to us to chat and take pictures. (hehe) we got a group shot with the guys and then I wanted one with Danick, when I said I wanted my pic with him His face and mine BOTH went red but his more so when the guys all went OHHH Danick  So I got my picture with Him (hehe) and then Chris, Brad and Danick stayed outside a bit with us the others went back inside (chickens) We talked with Chris and I was able to get my pic with him Then after they I got my pic with Brad. I kind of wish the others had stayed outside I wanted my pics with them as well oh well next time I guess.  Since the guys had to go we go inside so see where the heck the tixs are for.. we find where we are and then try to see the stage from  where we were (not a good view) so we  decided to move up one level and could see the stage a bit better the pic we knew wouldnt be great but we had the jumbo screen we could take the picture off of.

 We could see the guy standing on the edge of the stage we were way to far away to yell at the. They were bouncing around to keep warm and stuff Mike was hogging the heaterlol.

 They Hit the stage a few minutes after 3pm starting with I Should Be Sleeping then followed by Fall Into Me, Say My Name and Finally the one I was waiting for Devil Went Down to Georgia or Brad Changed it to Devil went down to Grey we were kinda far away but could still see goodIf you ask me they should have been on WAYYYY longer than they were, oh well I hope so see the guys again soon. We did stay for a bit of the game but we got cold and left before half time.  Got home in time to watch the A-Channel interview with the guys and surprised to see us on it as well Yup thats right Joanne and I were on TV !!! they showed us getting our pictures with the guys, talking with them and then Joanne got her 15 minutes of fame when they talked to her!!!!!    All and all the day was great we got to talk to the guys who very sweet as usual and the big plus was going to see them play live.


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