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brad mates



The Basics

Birthday: July 21, 1978
Born: Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Hometown: Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 6’ 1”
Martial Status: single
Children: none
Siblings: 1 sister (Amber)
Pets: none
Musical Influences: George Strait & Sons of the Desert
Instruments: the vocal pipe, acoustic guitar
Hobbies: sports, workout
Pet Peeve: impatient people
Boxers or briefs: both
I sleep in… boxers
I never leave home without… my MasterCard


Color: blue
Food: mashed potatoes
Drink: milk
Reside: Nowhere right now!
Snack: cookies
Ice Cream: vanilla twist
Dessert: sundae
Restaurant: P.F. Chang’s
Place: Christmas time back home
Book: anything by Louis L’Amour
Movie: “Meet The Parents”
TV Shows: David Letterman & Jay Leno
Cartoon: Tom & Jerry
Sports Team: Edmonton Oilers
Song: “Unwound” (George Strait)
Actor: Robert De Niro
Actress: Charlize Theron
Musical Artist: Sons of the Desert & Vertical Horizon
Album of all time: UNWOUND (George Strait)
Amusement Park Ride: roller coasters
Car: BMW

Interesting Tidbits

I first realized I wanted to be an artist… when I was 15 years old.
I want to be a singer/songwriter because… I love the rush, the life.
The most exciting part of my career so far… touring with Toby Keith
Strangest gift I’ve received: clothes at Christmas that I never wore
Most unusual thing I’ve been asked to do: I was asked to phone a girl in the hospital who had just had a baby and couldn’t make it to our show Did I do it?: yes!
Most unusual job: a Saturday paper route
First paying gig: a high school awards night
Job I would rather starve than do: construction (road building)
My hero is… Wayne Gretzky, he was the greatest hockey player when I was a kid
Posters on my wall as a kid: Alyssa Milano & Bon Jovi
First childhood crush on a star: DJ from Full House
Worst date: I didn’t get a second date.
Ideal date: Hoping to get a second date!
If I could tour with anyone it would be… I would love to be on tour with Toby Keith again
If I could meet anyone, dead or alive, and ask them one question, it would be… Billy the Kid, “Tell me your favorite story"


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